'Recommend fixed time-frame for Governors to act on bills passed by Assemblies'

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24 Nov 2022

Hyderabad, Nov 24 (PTI) Vice-Chairman of Telangana State Planning Board B Vinod Kumar has urged the Chairman of the Law Commission to recommend to the Centre to amend Article 200 of the Constitution to replace the term "as soon as possible" with a specific time frame such as "within 30 days" for the Governors of states to act on the bills passed by the Legislative Assemblies.

The "undue delay" by Governors of various states in acting upon the bills passed by the state legislatures is hurting public interest, Kumar, a former TRS MP, alleged in a letter to the Law Commission Chairman.

"The Legislative Assemblies of Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc have enacted several important bills and sent the same to their State Governors for assent. I am pained to note that the Governors are unduly delaying to act upon bills passed by the State Legislatures. This attitude of the Constitutional Head is causing irreparable loss to the people of the nation," he said.

The Telangana Universities Common Recruitment Board Bill 2022 has been submitted to the Governor for her perusal a few months ago but unfortunately no action has been taken so far, he claimed.

This bill, if cleared, will generate more than 1,000 jobs for Assistant Professors in Telangana, he said.

He felt that many other states have tabled such bills that are "lying at the apathy of their respective Governors".

The Governors are not acting upon these bills as there is no specific time frame/turnaround time for them to act upon bills passed by the state legislatures.

The term "as soon as possible" in Article 200 of the Constitution should be amended to "within 30 days", Kumar said.

The change will bring in a lot more accountability in the system at the highest level, he said.

It has come to his notice, Kumar claimed, that states ruled by the BJP do not have any such issues with Governors.

"I sincerely hope that you will consider my request and recommend the Government of India to amend the Article 200 of the Constitution with replacing the term "as soon as possible" with a term that's more specific such as "within 30 days." PTI SJR SJR SS SS

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