Dancers to throw light on issues of climate change, gender inequality through five forms of Shiva

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25 Nov 2022

New Delhi, Nov 25 (PTI) Through a mix of Indian classical dance styles, including Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi and Kathak, dance artistes here will depict global issues like climate change and gender equality on Saturday while portraying five forms of lord Shiva.

Organised by Reva University, dance drama "Panchavaktram" by students of Schools of Performing Arts and Indic Studies will be held at India International Centre.

The artistes will aim to emphasise the importance of curtailing wastage of natural resources through rare stories from medieval texts while depicting the five elements: "Bhoomi" (earth), "Jal" (water), "Agni" (fire), "Vayu" (air) and "Akash" (sky).

The same elements are manifestations of lord Shiva’s five forms: "Sadyojata", "Vamadeva", "Aghora", "Tatpurusha" and "Eshana" that will be represented in dance form.

The dance production presents how the five elements, manifested by the five faces of Shiva, superimpose each other, creating harmony and balance in nature.

"We are honoured to be amidst such dignitaries and portray our passion for art and culture amalgamated with an important message out to the world.

"At our university, while we try to imbibe sustainable practices so as to contribute in our own little way to nature, we also give equal opportunities to our students, not forgetting the uniqueness each gender brings with them," Dr P Shyama Raju, chancellor, Reva University said in a statement.

The dancers will showcase Shiva's "Sadyojata" form, which corresponds to earth in Mohiniyattam dance style, and "Vamadeva" corresponding to the element of water in Odissi.

While Bharatnatyam dancers will showcase the importance of fire while depicting Shiva's "Aghora" form, "Tatpurusha", an embodiment of air, will be featured by Kuchipudi dancers.

The performance will conclude with the portrayal of "Eshana", a manifestation of the sky, by Kathak dancers. PTI MAH RB RB

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