Elon Musk fires a Twitter employee via a TWEET

Moksha Wadhwa
18 Nov 2022
Elon Musk fires a Twitter employee via a TWEET

New Delhi: Another day another controversy surrounding Elon Musk. Ever since Musk acquired Twitter, he has been busy planning and announcing new features, and replying to queries of people but what seems to be on the top of his list nowadays is firing the workforce of Twitter.

In a bizarre series of events, Musk fired a Twitter engineer over Twitter itself.

How it all happened?

Musk posted a tweet on November 13th apologising for the slow service of Twitter, he wrote "Twitter being super slow in some countries." He gave a reasoning for the same saying that less than 1000 "poorly batched" remote procedure calls were made by the app to load the home timeline. Implying that the software had to connect to too many servers, which caused the site to load slowly.

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Eric Frohnhoefer, a Twitter engineer before getting fired called out Musk's mistake by saying "I have spent~ 6yrs working on Twitter for Android and can say this is wrong".

Showing immediacy, Musk replied "Then please correct me. What is the right number?" He then uploaded another tweet saying "Twitter is super slow on Android. What have we done to fix that?"

Within a span of two hours, Eric replied "We have done a bunch of work to improve performance and we found that it correlates well with increasing UAM and Ad spending. Agree, there is plenty of room for performance improvements on Android. However, I don’t think the number of requests is the primary issue.”

Musk and Eric talked for a while until someone tweeted that Eric shouldn't have called out Musk in front of the public. However, Musk's only response to the Twitterati was "He's Fired".

Later on, Eric publically admitted that he was "definitely stupid" for calling out his employer on a public platform. Moreover, he even uploaded a picture of his MacBook showing that his laptop was locked by the "Administrator" confirming that he had indeed been fired.

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