Tom Holland and Zendaya reportedly getting married soon

Moksha Wadhwa
25 Nov 2022
Tom Holland and Zendaya reportedly getting married soon

New Delhi: The partnership between Tom Holland and Zendaya has been going strong, and it appears that the power couple is already talking about the future.

It has been a year since the two made their romance official and the two are now thinking of ‘settling down’.

According to reports by US Weekly, the couple is in a serious and permanent relationship.

After starring in the spiderman franchise together, the couple got close and the spark of their relationship seemed to have started surfacing. But the rumours of their relationship went viral only after pictures of the two kissing surfaced on the internet.

Following this, pictures of the power couple vacationing together went viral and the two even made a red carpet appearance together on the premier of Spiderman: No Way Home.

However, they have always kept their relationship under the radar and have spoken about keeping it lowkey in several interviews too.

But there's no doubt that Tom Holland and Zendaya look absolutely amazing together.

According to reports by US Weekly, an insider has confirmed that the two are serious about their relationship and marriage is on the cards for them.

The insider confirmed the news of their marriage saying "They’re both in settling-down mode and are absolutely planning for a real future together."

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